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Founded in 2022, Juana Beauty is a cosmetic brand that focuses on celebrating the most beautiful version of you. Catering to the empowered Arab woman, Juana Beauty's founder, the Lebanese Joanna Beaino, created a product that embodies the essence of self-love. Driven by her strong bond with her followers, Juana remains deeply involved in every aspect of her brand's development.

  • Joanna Beaino's vision for Juana Beauty goes beyond just selling cosmetics; it's about promoting self-love and acceptance.
  • Unlike many other cosmetic brands, Juana Beauty's founder, Joanna Beaino, remains intimately involved in all aspects of her brand's development.

Empowered Growth & Community Commitment

JUANA BEAUTY  continues to grow with the help of JOANNA’s strong social media presence and the exceptional customer feedback on our products. As of 2023, JUANA BEAUTY has been based in Lebanon . As the brand continues to grow, JUANA BEAUTY  remains committed to providing our customers with the highest quality of beauty products and giving back to the community.

  • Joanna's influential presence on social media platforms has been pivotal in Juana Beauty's growth trajectory. Leveraging her personal brand, she has effectively engaged with customers.
  • While based in Lebanon since 2023, Juana Beauty's reach extends far beyond its geographical location. With a commitment to providing top-quality beauty products, the brand has earned positive feedback on a global scale.


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